Features Specifications

how it works? It's simple!

Spend less time posting and get more engagement by automatically scheduling your Instagram posts daily


Upload your brand

Upload your logo. It will be automatically placed on all posts, so upload a file with the logo in PNG with a transparent background, with a white or black background.


Upload your photos

Upload the images for posting or add the link to a category on your website. You can add 30 images to be posted one per day.


Place a small text

Write the caption and hashtags. This caption will be the same for all posts, so add an interesting caption with contact details for your store.


Set a time

Choose the best time for your posts, all of them will be posted at this chosen time, so stay tuned to the time that your customers are online.


Check and go

Review the images for posting. You can click on each one to see how they will be posted. With everything right, just click on finish.