Terms of service

Instagram has recently changed the policies of the platform.

With this change, they are more severe in both identification and punishment of spammers.

We have noticed many cases where Instagram is flagging the accounts as spammers, due to the amount of postings and the fact that the images are very similar, so they are blocking the posts.

Our sugestion is that you post manually directly on Instagram for at least 2 days, without using PostingSmart.

After that period, when using PostingSmart again, you should post less for a while, not post everyday and post on different times.

Instagram monitors the flagged accounts to see if they are spammers or if they are using robots, so that is why manual posts are recomended every once in a while.

If Instagram keeps flagging an account, it can be banned.

See the Facebook and Instagram link with their policies:

Instagram's Policies: Link.

By reading this statement, you confirm that you are aware that your account may be banned from Instagram and that our PostingSmart tool will not be responsible directly or indirectly for Instagram's actions in blocking, banning, suspending or any other action on your account Instagram.